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Holiday House in Scotland

About Wester Brewlands - A Scottish Highlands holiday house

This historic estate is set amongst the natural splendour of the Scottish Highlands, UK. The landscape was carved by the great glaciers of the last Ice Age, leaving a rich blend of woodland, river and glen with hills rising to over 2,500 feet. From 1234 when it became a monastic settlement, the estate has been an inspiration for those searching for peace and tranquillity. Long before that, the Picts, one of the ancient peoples of Scotland, lived on the hill above the house. Their settlements have not yet been fully excavated, but they are at least 3000 years old.

Brewlands was chartered to the monks of the Cistertian Abbey of Couper Angus on July 9th 1234 by King Alexander II of Scotland. For three hundred years the monks grazed their cattle here, making butter and cheese, brewing heather ale, catching fish to dry for the winter and putting beehives on the hill: heather honey is still very much prized in Scotland. Since the 16th century Brewlands has been a private sporting estate and the family of the present owners have lived here for more than 100 years.

Why not come to this holiday cottage in Scotland for that special celebration? We will cook for you and look after your every need. Staying at Wester Brewlands, a perfect holiday house in Scotland, is like having your own private castle for rent.

We would like you to arrive at this large vacation home to find the fires lit, your electric blanket on, the house filled with Scottish flowers and Scottish oak-smoked salmon with champagne at the ready. We can arrange it all for you, including chocolates by your bed! In Scotland we have some of the finest quality fish and meat in the world. Our cooks always use the best quality food we can find, including organic vegetables from our own garden when available, wild venison from our own and neighbouring estates, which is succulent and very lean, and eggs from our own organic free range hens.
Why not eat healthily for two courses then indulge in one of our dangerous puddings: sticky toffee pudding is one of our guests' all time favourites.

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Wester Brewlands - Holiday House in Scotland
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